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Why blog?

Here at Arhitektura minimal we cherish the encouraging work atmosphere and the sense of collectiveness. Because of that we talk daily about different ideas for improvement of work process, self-organization and life. From one of those moments came an idea of starting up a blog as place to collect and share knowledge, thoughts and ideas.



Our goal is, through this blog, to show and share knowledge and endorse communication, especially within Croatia, on the topics of co-working, BIM and general environment in which one architect act. Here you will be able to find topics with advice for potential clients, stories about BIM, about office organisation, about materials, about modeling in Revit, about beauty and ugliness, about contemplation during day break, about ways of relaxing and recreating outside of the office and much more.

We invite you to join us in sharing of knowledge and ideas with your comments.


Thought for future

In the beginning of this (we certainly hope fun) adventure we cite Sir Ove Arup who is our eternal inspiration and says a lot about what we want to accomplish... who knows, maybe we win you over too?


„If we can reach a stage where each man or woman is respected for the job they do, and is doing his or her best because the atmosphere is right, because they are proud of what we are and do and share in the general enthusiasm, then we are home...

- from 'Key Speech' by Sir Ove Arup

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