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January 22, 2018

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February 12, 2018


Easiest way to learn is to learn from others. Observe, repeat and do it with a personal. In this post we will present few books, applications and websites in which I seek inspiration and knowledge. I encourage you to setup a folder in your browser in which you will add content you want to check on daily.




Weather forecast - you don't want to get stuck in-between building site and the office

Local news - follow your local news portal to see if something interesting pops up

Chamber of architects - education, changes in law and regulations should be there

Divisare - doze of architecture in the morning

Landzine - doze of shrubbery in the morning

Revit news - compendium of various Revit related topics from different websites

Other quality BIM blogs - TheRevitKid, Revit Pure, Revit OpEd, The BIM Jedi




Evernote - great way to create a data base of books and materials and best way of keeping notes and to do lists

Dropbox - make your files safe and always available

Paletton - no mater what you do, you always need some right colors for your project 



Dynamo - automate and extend your work in Revit 

XRev - easier sheet plotting whether they are in .pdf or .cad

Flux apps - bunch of useful apps that integrate with Revit and improve your design and model building

CTC BIM project suit - there are free and premium add ons

Align - align elements like in InDesign or Illustrator

Palladio X BIM WindowsLayout - arrange open windows by scheme




Grammarly - online automatic grammar checker

Glosbe - engine with many languages and large amount of search answers

Ispravi.me - check English and Croatian grammar in few seconds

Thesarus - best for finding synonyms and definitions

Merriam-Webster - place for learning new words and strengthening vocabulary

BIM Dictionary - definitions of BIM related terms



Google Timelapse - way to check how your building neighborhood looked 10 years ago

Humble Bundle - offers weekly bundles with different themes. Sometimes you can grab intresting and educational material for cheap price like Python books, manuals on building stuff or SF books






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